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Making a Ronny-G Doll

Out of the Author’s experiences came Ronny-G.

Ronny-G said that, “Lying next to G, I thought everyone should have a Ronny-G or an Ellie-D or a Georgie-C by their side as they go through life. Even when a human child like my G feels alone, she knows that she never is because I will always be her friend.” (p71, Ronny-G’s Travels)

If you would like to make your very own Ronny-G, click on the downloadable file below for the template (pattern), materials and tools needed and instructions on how to do this.

Click here to download the Dollmaking pdf

As you can see, the Ronny-G doll is very easy to make. You can make an Original Ronny-G (30cm in size) or a variation of one. You can make him any size by reducing or enlarging the template.

Send us photographs of your Ronny-G creations (by email or post). If your Ronny-G goes on adventures with you, be sure to take photographs and share them with us. We would love to see them! If any of your photographs are used for display purposes Ronny-G will send you a special surprise. Although only your first name and age will appear with your photographs, please also send us your postal address for where to send your prize.

We can also arrange Ronny-G workshops providing all necessary doll-making instruction kits for groups, including all the tools, materials and resources needed to make a Ronny-G doll. Depending on the group, workshops are estimated to run for approximately four hours and each child will leave with a completed Ronny-G doll! These workshops are ideal for birthday parties, schools etc. Email the author or Ronny-G for costs per child and availability of coordinators to supervise this workshop.

Colouring Competition:

Click here to download the image for the colouring competition.

This is an exciting colouring competition. All you have to do is print the page above, colour it in and send it either by email or post to Ronny-G’s Travels. The competition age categories are 7-8, 9-10, 11-12.

You can send your entries to:

Ronny-G’s Travels
P. O. Box 3172
South Africa

Or email Gina at

and Ronny-G at

The top five will be selected from each age category and the winners will be selected randomly from these top entries. The winners will have their pages loaded for display purposes. Please provide your first name and age with each entry, which will be included with each winning artwork. We also need your contact details to send you your special surprise from Ronny-G.