How to purchase a book online

You can purchase a book by emailing Ronny-G’s Travels at :

Please provide the number of books you require and your location. Cost per book is R60,00 plus postage and packaging. The author will contact you about postage costs to your area.

Hurry and buy a book!

If you want to contact the author or Ronny-G, you can write to them.

Send your letters to:

Ronny-G’s Travels
P. O. Box 3172
South Africa

Or email Gina at

and Ronny-G at

A Letter From Ronny-G

May you enjoy reading my book about my travels. I wrote it for you, you know. If you would like to send me a note about what you think about my book, I will be sure to read it and it may even be displayed for everyone to see! I hope you will have your own travels and adventures to write about one day, my friend.

Fondest regards