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Below are some amazing people with Ronny-G and Ronny-G’s Travels.

Ouma (95 years old) reads Ronny-G’s Travels to her great-grandchild, Sammy (3 years old).

Leonardo DiCaprio has Ronny-G in his pocket. From one life-size doll to another.

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Village News Agency (Kloof Village Mall, Kloof) Phone: (+27 31) 764 4722 email:
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The Book Boutique (26 Rockview Road, Amanzimtoti) Phone: (+27 31) 903 6692 email: and website:


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Books@53 (25 Soi Madee Paidee, Sukhumvit Soi 53) (Sukhumvit Area) Phone: (+66 2) 258 7747 email: and website:
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Nepal Manadala Book Shop (Pokhara – 6, Lakeside, Nepal) Phone: (+97 7) (61) 463203, 463697 email: and website:


“Ronny-G’s Travels” book has been collaborated and translated into audio book form and is now accessible in all Tape Aids for the Blind Libraries and their Service Centres across South Africa. In addition, through Tape Aids for the Blind, DSTV has a facility where audio stories can be downloaded and “Ronny-G’s Travels” has been added to this collection of audio books on DSTV.  For more information you can visit these websites:

Tape Aids for the Blind:


Ronny-G’s Travels book has been collaborated and translated into audio book form and is accessible and available in all Tape Aids for the Blind and their Service Centres.

Reviews and Comments

“A story by a Durban-based author, aimed at an eight to ten-year old audience… Travels… Adventures… Maps… Illustrations for each chapter.”
The Witness, 17 April 2013

“All landmarks and cities mentioned and highlighted in the book are geographically and historically correct which is why it is both educational and entertaining… However, there are many deeper meanings within its pages which could possibly appeal to a much older audience. Parents and teachers will most certainly get enjoyment from this story. It overflows with lifelong learning… General knowledge… Wonderful imagery… A rich source of grammar and language… Many forms of transportation are discussed.”
Berea Mail, 21 June 2013

“This enchanting story transports you into the world of Ronny-G. From heart-stopping adventures… Ronny-G interacts with toys from all over the world. This unique tale blurs fact and fiction and includes lessons for everyone… Born out of the authors many travels and life experiences.”
Child Magazine, July 2013

“Most of the experiences are based on facts, but obviously through a talking doll.”
The Kathstan Connection, July 2013

“An amusingly illustrated home-grown tale to share with seven to nine-year-olds.”
Farmer’s Weekly, January 2014

“To inspire others and be inspired is the kindest act”
The Mercury, 27 June 2014

“A Tale of Fun and Adventure… Ronny-G’s Travels is a sweet story by a South African born author, where fact and fiction intertwine.”
Mum’s Mail, August 2014

“The simply written, but captivating tale of the global travels of a nine-year-old girl (G) and her doll Ronny-G is written in a style that is easy to read, exciting and educational all at once. Children are introduced to different countries and cultures in a charming way. The blending of current trends with common life situations, such as fear and loss, show children just how to cope in a way that they can understand.”
Mamas & Papas Magazine, September 2014

“Tape Aids for the Blind has the pleasure in presenting Ronny-G’s Travels by Gina Wolfenden-McDowell.”
Tape Aids for the Blind, March 2015

Full reviews and comments are available on “Ronny-G’s Travels” facebook page.