Ronny-G explains his story


Bangkok, Thailand:

I begin my story in Bangkok in a doll factory where I am made ukrainian women. This is a city Gina knows well having travelled there for work and fun. Gina loves the people from this Land of Smiles. Life is essentially about the people you meet and the places you go.


England, United Kingdom:

My experiences in London are born out of Gina’s teaching life in this wonderfully diverse city. The climate was such a contrast to wherever else in the world Gina taught and this is why she mentions it so much.


Randalstown, Northern Ireland:

Many of Gina’s family are from Northern Ireland. Her father was born there and growing up Gina went there for many holidays and celebrations. I am made to feel like part of her family.


Paris, France:

In Paris, France, I go to Disneyland and meet Chien, a French poodle toy dog. We later brave this city at night and find ourselves at the Eiffel Tower. Gina indeed went to Disneyland and also climbed the Eiffel Tower with her friend, Cheyanne, but not on the outside like I do!


Edinburgh, Scotland:

When I go to Scotland, I meet a stuffed toy called Nessles, who tells me all about the Loch Ness Monster. I also get to walk in the Scottish Highlands and learn much about Scottish culture. This is fitting because Gina’s husband is Scottish and he is always telling her stories about Scotland. They visit often.


Milan, Italy:

I find Milan rich in culture and buzzing with beautiful people. Gina has visited Milan, as well as other cities in Italy, and experienced the energy of this bustling country.


Geneva, Switzerland:

In Geneva I am quite in awe of the sheer beauty of this city and its old-world charm. Gina has been to Switzerland a few times and enjoyed the rich foods, architecture and lots more!


Durban, South Africa:

The finale to all the city experiences for me is Durban. I am overwhelmed how this city contrasts with those in Europe. Although I was born in Thailand, I think I feel at home in Durban because this is where Gina grew up and now lives.

Although this is a book geared towards a target audience of eight-to-ten year olds, there are many lessons and deeper meanings, to be gained by a much older audience too. This story is easy reading, enjoyable and no doubt all who read it will take something from the experiences and lessons of Ronny-Gs Travels.